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Consumables - Aesthetic Clinics Safety Best Practice

Consumables - Aesthetic Clinics Safety Best Practice

Jannine Logan |

Safe, Reliable Aesthetics Practices


The Aesthetic market is extremely competitive, with more and more aestheticians becoming qualified. So, how can you set yourself apart from the rest of the pack?


Trusted and respected clinics are not only made from the choice and quality of the treatments that are provided but also the clinical standards and quality of the equipment used by professionals.


At Two Face Aesthetics, we believe that clinical safety and high-quality consumables are essential to help ensure your clients are getting the very best. That is why we offer a large range of high-quality products at wholesale prices. Here, we will go into detail about the products we offer and the benefits they’ll bring to you and your clients.


Clinic Safety:

Sharps Disposal Boxes

The safety of both the client and practitioner is a top priority for respected clinics. We offer a range of equipment that ensures that clinics are practising within the health and safety guidelines. Two Face Aesthetics offers a comprehensive range of sharp disposal boxes in a range of sizes, as well as specialist cytotoxic disposals. Our Sharp disposal boxes can come in small 1 litre sized boxes, perfect for point of care disposal, all the way to our large 7 lite capacity boxes, for high volume areas.


To compliment our range of sharp disposal boxes, we also offer a comprehensive sharps disposal and sharps injury educational wall sign. This helps to ensure that practitioners are aware of how to safely dispose of sharps as well as what to do in the case of a sharps injury. These signs are to compliment practitioners own training in the safe disposal of sharps.




Personal protective equipment is more important now than it has ever been. At Two Face Aesthetics, we offer a range of equipment to support practitioners to be as safe as possible within their clinics, affording both themselves and their clients a high degree of safety. We have a range of CE approved face visors that are both lightweight and reusable. With multiple fastening points for maximum safety and comfort, they are both lightweight and easy to use.


We also have a range of clear vinyl, powder and latex free gloves to ensure the safety of practitioners. Being latex free, these can be used on all clients, including those with a latex allergy.


To complement our range of gloves, we also offer educational signs to help practitioners and clients ensure they follow good hand hygiene practices. This will complement the mandatory infection prevention and control training practitioners will undertake.



Cleaning products & Instrument Trays

A clean clinic ensures the highest standards of infection prevention and control measures are in place. This provides assurance to clients that their risk of infection is drastically reduced, and that practitioners are highly trained.


To complement practitioners infection prevention and control practice, we offer a range of cleaning solutions.


Our Clinical Midi-Wipes have some of the highest EN accreditation available. Antibacterial, Virucidal, Fungicidal and dermatologically tested, they can be used all day every day without damaging hands and surfaces. Effective within 30 seconds.

Effective within 30 seconds against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis C Virus & Coronaviruses, and kills SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


These wipes can be used on our entire range of instrument trays, which ensure practitioners have a clean and reusable area to store and transport equipment to patients safely.

From kidney dish trays to larger rectangle trays, our lightweight instrument trays ensure easy cleaning and are great value for money for clinics.


We have many more clinic safety products on offer, please visit our consumables page to find out more about the products we offer.


Patient safety & comfort:

We have an extensive range of products to ensure the comfort and safety of your clients. From our first aid and CPR face masks to our woven gauze and single-use tourniquets, we have a range of products to ensure patient safety and comfort is met.

Emergency Equipment

The safety of clients is paramount to all practitioners, and whilst it is very rare to require emergency equipment, it is important to ensure that a fully stocked first aid kit is available in line with health and safety guidance. We offer a comprehensive first aid kit that is HSE compliant. This first aid kit is ideal for small offices, shops, libraries etc. Essential kits for a variety of needs - from general first aid and catering to burns, eyewash and biohazards.

To complement our first aid kit, we also offer CPR face masks to help practitioners be as safe as possible when delivering emergency care. This Latex-free CPR face mask offers a one Way Valve and Mouthpiece to Prevent Cross Contamination.


Disposable consumables

To ensure high standards of infection control, we offer a range of disposable patient equipment.

Our Single Use Tourniquet is suitable for use in a range of surgical procedures. Supplied non-sterile on a roll with perforations between each tourniquet for ease of dispensing. These tourniquets offer a perfect solution in ensuring a reduction in cross-contamination.


We offer a range of pre-injection swabs to ensure patients skin is prepped prior to procedures. With a number of brands, we offer great choice and value for money.


Whilst we have pre-injection swabs, we also offer a range of post-procedure products including Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure and Clinisept Procedure aftercare is a ground-breaking technology that brings significant benefits over existing medical skin disinfectants and pre-procedure cleansers.

Clinisept Plus products deliver a unique combination of greater protection against infection before, during and after aesthetic procedures, as well as far better skin compatibility than existing medical cleansers – actually aiding the healing process by providing an ideal environment for skin regeneration.


We have many more consumables in this category, to find out more, head out our consumables page.


High quality instruments are key in providing exceptional results to clients. Our extensive range of instruments offers both high quality, with exceptional value and choice.


We have an extensive range of products, from acne treatment needle hub pens to microfine needles.

Our Dr Pen replacement needle cartridges are at a fantastic price and will provide equipment to practitioners providing acne scaring treatment.


Along with our range of Dr Pen needle cartridges, we also have a range of hydra needles. These gold tip needles help to deliver serum deep into the dermis for excellent hydration.


Our range of BD sharp micro-fine insulin needles in a range of gauges, ensure that practitioners have a range of needles to help produce perfect results every time. An industry leader, and used across the healthcare service, these are some of our most popular consumables in the range.


On top of our injectable needle and syringe combinations, we also offer a range of cannulas for use with PDO threads, as well as butterfly needles and vacutainers for the collection of blood.

We have an extensive range of injectable systems and cannulas. Head to our consumable page to find out more.


Surgical Tools:

Our range of high-quality surgical tools ensures that for more complex procedures, we can offer high-quality affordable equipment.


Our disposable swan Morton surgical scalpels are made with a steel blade and a plastic handle and are lightweight and make for excellent handling.


To compliment our scalpels we have an excellent range of suture packs. Our Single Use Fine Suture Pack Plus contains instruments suitable for a wide variety of fine suturing procedures, manufactured from medical grade surgical stainless steel. Supplied in an easy to open, sterile pack all contents are wrapped in a sterile field. This excellent pack of tools all meet the medical devices directive.

To find out more about our surgical tool range. Head to our consumables page.


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