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PDO Thread Lift vs Dermal Fillers

PDO Thread Lift vs Dermal Fillers

Jannine Logan |

What Is a PDO Thread Lift?


The Polydioxanone (PDO) is a safe material that is often used in heart surgeries. PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that helps tighten the skin in problematic areas like at the chin and jawline, however they are becoming more and more popular with the rise of “fox eyes” and “pixie nose”. The procedure can be used for all the areas of the body.


The most often seen thread procedure involves inserting threads under the skin of the sagging tissue. The threads are pulled to the desired direction to lift the sagging tissue. The PDO stimulates collagen production, and later they are absorbed into the skin.


PDO threads not only work as an anti-aging treatment for areas of skin with reduced collagen, but also for specific aesthetic looks that are coveted by clients. The rise of the fox eye is often associated with supermodels such as Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner


What Is a Dermal Filler?


An injectable dermal filler is an injectable liquid substance that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is used to fill in the sagging areas to make them look plumper. The  dermal filler  is suitable for contouring the face. It can be injected into cheek to create the appearance of cheekbones. It can also be injected into lips to make them fuller.


The most common use of dermal filler is reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are injected to fill the space under the skin where the wrinkles appear. The procedure can take up to 30 minutes, and you can go back to your daily activities immediately.


Dermal fillers are often the more popular choice as they are more well known and more readily available.

Which is better - PDO Thread Lift or Dermal Fillers?


The choice between  PDO thread lift  and dermal filler depends on the patients, the condition of the skin, the procedure they are having and the overall result. There are areas like the neck and jawline where dermal fillers are unsuitable, but PDO thread lift is the perfect solution for the sagging skin. The results of  dermal fillers  are visible immediately while those of a PDO thread lift is fully visible when the body starts generating collagen. The results of dermal fillers can last between 6 to nine months while those of a PDO thread lift can last between 12 to 18 months.


Certain aesthetic looks can only be achieved by each type of procedure eg, Foxeyes would require the use of a PDO thread, where as fuller lips are better created with dermal fillers.


If you want the effects of your treatment to last for a longer period of time then the  PDO Thread Lift  comes out on top as it lasts a minimum of 12-18 months on average whilst dermal fillers have a lifespan of around 6-9 months and will require regular top-ups to maintain your results. 

Winner 1

PDO Thread Lift


Thread lift tightens and lifts the whole face to create a more youthful appearance and is a one-time procedure. Fillers can be much more effective at contouring the face, volumising specific areas of concern such as the cheeks which become willowy as you age, sculpting and wrinkle smoothing in very targeted areas.

Winner 2

Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers  fade over a short period of time and they can be dissolved so you can try them without a lot of commitment. Whereas the  PDO Thread lift  involves penetrating the skin and may be seen as a slightly more invasive procedure – although much less invasive than a traditional face lift as it takes under an hour to complete and only requires a local aesthetic.

Winner 3

Dermal Fillers


For an instant appearance of youth, opting for fillers is usually preferential, with visible results within a week.  PDO Thread lifts  can take slightly longer for the full results to show once the new collagen and elastin in the skin has formed but last for a longer period of time and show the appearance of youth with fewer procedures 


PDO Thread Lift

Based on the above information we would say that from a customer point of view PDO thread lifts would be the preferable treatment and product choice however as with all aesthetic products it comes down to the individual. There is definite pros and cons to both products and treatments so ensuring you can provide both options when requested is an important factor to consider for your aesthetic offerings. 


Do the procedures hurt?


  • Patients rate the pain level of  dermal filler injections  as a ‘4,’ similar to a bug bite or rubber band snap. Only a topical anesthetic is necessary.


  • PDO Thread lifts  are more invasive and patients rate the pain as ‘7.’ The procedure is therefore performed with local anesthetic to reduce any pain patients may experience


Final Thoughts:


As we mentioned above, we can see pros and cons to both treatments and the choice of product is likely to be at the discretion of your customer however we hope this article has provided you with some additional information to help your customers make an informed decision. At Two Face Aesthetics we stock both products with multiple varieties so if you are interested in PDO Threads or Dermal fillers please visit our store page or get in touch for more information.